November 10, 2014

Single Mom Games

Title: The Bouncing Babysitter

Object: Finding someone to watch my daughter so that I can accomplish day to day activities using the small support system I have without having to pay a babysitter with the lack of money I don't have.

Description: I am a single mom who has full custody with an ex who comes for visitations (very) sporadically. Which means I don't get much free time. So I rely on my support system to help but I feel guilty always asking them to babysit for me when I'm unable to always give them anything in return monetarily. So maybe it's just me, maybe I'm crazy but I have this system in my head where I try not to over use the same person.

For example, I might have say six things going on this month:

1. Emma has a half day and I still have to work
2. I have an engagement party
3. I'm going to a Zumba class
4. Emma's school has another damn professional development day
5. It's my friends birthday so we're going for dinner and drinks
6. I have a mandatory staff meeting after work so I need someone to pick Emma up from school

My support system consists of about four people that I can usually call upon and I hate asking them/over-using them so I usually work it out like a game. Okay person 1 is doing the engagement party so I'll ask person 2 to pick her up from school, so on and so forth. Then I continue to rotate.

Maybe I'm just a little crazy....

November 05, 2014

Another Obstacle

My daughter has strabismus and amblyopia. I've talked about it on here before (and here.) She's been wearing glasses since she was almost two and we've also done patching. I decided to have her see a developmental optometrist for vision therapy rather than jump into a surgical procedure because I really wanted to try the least invasive option. Well almost two years later she has made a lot of progress perceptually and her coordination has improved. But her eye still turns in a lot, she still rubs it and it becomes easily fatigued, she occasionally complains of pain, and moving forward now that shes started school it will effect her academically (with reading and writing) I already see it with her letter reversals and mirror writing. Not only that but cosmetically she is not going to want to be cross-eyed, kids in school can be cruel the older they get. The questions from kids in class have already started with them asking her, "How come your eyes aren't straight?" and while still innocent now they won't be for much longer.

So with all that in mind I had to think very carefully about what all my options were. I did my research. I spoke with friends and family. I consulted with a woman I knew who had opted to get the surgery for her three year old daughter. I decided to speak with Emma's vision therapist about it and she said at the point where Emma is now she thought it would be a good idea to speak with an ophthalmologist. So per her recommendation and also a recommendation of someone I used to work with in New York we met with one of New York's top pediatric specialists who is a surgeon at Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. He told us all the details, pros/cons, risks and basically everything I needed to know about the procedure. I felt happy with the doctor and that this choice was in her best interest. So I scheduled the appointment and since her insurance would only cover 80% I notified her father of this and told him we could split the rest of it.

Of course I should have known better that it would have gone that smoothly.

Instead her father not only refused to help pay the cost of the surgery but in his opinion it "was not needed" so he proceeded to call his benefits office to discontinue the approval of her health insurance coverage for it. And since my name is not on the health insurance plan because it's through his work I basically have no say in any of this because he apparently has me blocked from it. I try not to bad mouth him or air too much detail on here but this is probably the most frustrating, all-time lows he has ever done. How could anyone deny something that is going to be beneficial to their own daughters health?! I anticipate there to be backlash on this post since he does occasionally read it but ya know what......

But you know what?! My daughter is my top priority. She means the world to me and I will do absolutely anything to do what is best for her. If that means getting eye surgery then I will do what it takes to do just that.

November 04, 2014

Halloween 2014

Emma and I sat down together a few weeks back and scrolled through the pictures on Pinterest in search of an idea for a Halloween costume. And we came across this:

She immediately yelled out, "Wait!" So that I would stop scrolling down. "I want to be that." 

"But do you even know who that is?" I asked her. 

"No but she's fancy." 

And that's how we came to the decision that she would be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's for Halloween. And with that adorable outfit idea, that was so easy to throw together with a few pieces I found here and there, not only did she receive an endless amount of compliments from everyone but she also won the costume contest at the party we went to....winning us tickets to the CT Science Center!!!

October 09, 2014

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Giveaway

1984 was a special year not only because it was the year I was born but it was also the year Cinnamon Toast Crunch made its special debut. Now 30 years later and still a popular cereal it is revamping its taste by adding in even more real cinnamon flavor! Like me, it just keeps getting better with age. Each bite is filled with a perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar. I love that it's the perfect amount of flavor and then we even get to drink the cinnamon flavored milk after!

The new Cinnamon Toast Crunch with more cinnamon is now available at local supermarkets and retailers nationwide. Check out delicious Cinnamon Toast Crunch concoctions that use the cereal as a key ingredient at and join the party online by using #cinnablast.

To help celebrate the cereals 30th birthday and its new taste I am giving away a prize pack to one lucky “Adventures in Mommyland” reader. The prize pack includes a box of the new cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Lip Balm and a $20 gift card.


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